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HygroMatik HDS

Производитель: HygroMatik


The HygroMatik HDSadiabatic humidification system humidifies the air in air conditioning systems. High pressure nozzles produce a very fine mist which is quickly absorbed into the air in the humidification chamber.
This produces hygienic high-efficiency humidification.

High pressure humidification at approx 75 bar provides the ideal pressure for creating a very fine water mist. Evaporation cools the air adiabatically. This can save up to 30 percent cooling capacity in summer.

Energy saving
The HygroMatik HDShigh-pressure system enables high humidification output at a very low energy consumption. The sophisticated design concept ensures most effective utilization of the de-mineralised water through the system’s high
efficiency and exact controllability. Minimal waste water makes the overall water consumption extremely low.

Energy conscious
Humidification with fully demineralised water effectively avoids calcium deposits and guarantees very low maintenance effort. The new HygroMatik HDScombines low energy consumption at very low maintenance with absolutely no requirement for chemical or biological disinfectants. The HDSensures fast amortisation and long life expectancy by the use of high-grade components throughout.

Safe and secure
Highest operational security thanks to the compact design with lockable cabinets as well as constant sensor monitoring.

The HygroMatik HDSHygiene concept is designed to function without any chemical or biological disinfectants. Only demineralised water is present in the ambient air. The system contains no porous, water absorbing components. Standing water is effectively prevented and the whole system is automatically drained after a system shut-down. The water used for humidification comes into contact only with inert materials and is therefore absolutely hygienic. That means certified hygiene conformity.

The HygroMatik HDS is certified in accordance with the German VDI 6022, 3803 and DIN 1946, the corresponding Austrian and Swiss standards as well as the European standard DIN EN 13779.
An approved and independent institute tested the HDSaccording to the state-of-the-art standards and fully verified total conformity (VDE Test Report Ref. No. 802300-3980-0001/85569).
The HygroMatik HDSis certified according to CE and Hygiene-Conformityfor air conditioning and hospital applications.
Hygienic. Tested. Certified. A system to be on the safe side.

The System
The HygroMatik HDS’s modular design makes it suitable for all air ducting. It is also suitable for short humidification distances of only 0.9 meters. With exact humidity control of plus/minus 1%.
The graphic display shows all messages and operational data and allows a user-friendly menu-driven operation.
Constant supervision of all components and functions provide highest operational safety.